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About Us

Established in 1987,

MLH offers the best Professional Automotive services in the island. We house the best equipment, literature and a state of the art facility to gather with experienced and highly qualified engineers that best serve the automobile.

Motor Link Holdings is all about pure automobile engineering at its finest. We are the sole service providers in Sri Lanka who offer personalized yet professional solutions to all of the customers who drive through our gates with internationally accepted processes. With our loyalty program, not only does our members get great value for money, but each and every one of them will benefit from feasible long term motoring with total protection on and off the roads. All our programs are focused on preventive maintenance, whilst we offer professional road side assistance with our mobile workshop, and special recovery systems for accident damaged vehicles.And most importantly all of the above comes with workmanship warranty and parts guarantees that truly offer happy and safe motoring. choose wisely, change the habits, make sure you are with a professional and experienced outfit that puts QUALITY ahead of QUANTITY every single time.

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